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Our website is to introduce an understanding of Hapkidowon which is also known as the World Hapkido Headquarters. We hope to spread knowledge of,  and propagate the martial art of Hapkido to the Hapkido Masters, Instructors, and Practitioners alike. Hapkidowon will serve as the center of the hapkido community and to unify the Hapkido family. x View Presidents Greeting

Hapkidowon Symbol
The symbol represents the principles of Hapkido’s concept and technique in the form of 원(Won, Circle), 방(Bahng, Square), and 각(Gahk, Triangle). Won represents the heaven (or universe), Bang within the Won represents the earth, and the Gahk represents a man. The symbol, thus, represents the unification of the universe, the earth, and the man: this is the Hapkido’s accord and ....... More

Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung - Gallery


...more HAPKIDO SEMINAR FRANCE - May 28, 2016
. Seminar will be held on May 28th 2016. Hosted by Master Rahim ALLA & Supported by Master SIMÓ ALLA more
...more. Ms. Laura Clements is recognized as a member of Hapkidowon.
. Central Ohio Martial Arts is recognized as a charter school of the Hapkidowon in Columbus, Ohio, USA more
...moreMr. Andres Pesce is recognized as a charter member in Tustin, California.
Legacy Martial Arts Training Center is recognized as a charter school of the Hapkidowon (World Hapkido Headquarters) in the USA. more







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